New Boiler with 10 Yr Warranty

We are currently installing new Vaillant boilers with 10 yr Warranty including system flush from £1500.00

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The need for Boiler servicing

Getting your boiler serviced regularly will ensure it’s running efficiently and also help to keep it running safely. A faulty boiler can be incredibly dangerous with 250 hospitalisations a year the result of non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisoning between 2001 and 2010 in England & Wales.

During a boiler service, a Gas Safe registered engineer will check for leaks and issues, giving you peace of mind when it comes to protecting your family.

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Landlord gas safety checks and boiler servicing

We are currently offering great prices on boiler servicing and landlord gas safety inspections

Boiler service including certification £65.00 plus vat

Landlord gas safety inspection £55.00 plus vat


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What is a high efficiency self condensing boiler?

A condensing boiler captures much more usable heat from its fuel than a non-condensing boiler. Its high operating efficiency is made possible by the design of the condensing boiler’s larger – or sometimes dual – heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger makes sure that as much heat as possible is transferred from the boiler’s burner – and as little as possible lost in hot gases through the flue.

There are two types of condensing boiler: regular and combination. Regular condensing boilers heat your hot water through a hot water cylinder, combination condensing boilers give you instant hot water without the need for a cylinder.

Will it save me money?

If everyone in the UK with gas or oil heating installed a high efficiency condensing boiler we would save enough fuel to heat 1.9 million homes a year and reduce CO2 emissions by 6.7 million tonnes

Are there alternatives to high efficiency self condensing boilers?

The traditional gas boiler is still the simplest and most economical for heating in the UK but there are now many alternatives including biomass boilers, ground source heat pumps and solar panels.

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