Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems are a great way to generate free heat or hot water from the power of the sun.

You can chose to either have the hot water generated from the sun pumped into your hot water system thus giving you free hot water or your central heating. This means your hot water is being generated free from the Sun’s energy resulting in lower gas or electricity bills.

Solar Panels will fix to all types of roof and roofing materials. So flat roof, tiled roof, factory roof, garage roof Solar fixing are available. We are able by using satellite technology to look at your roof and design a system that will fit, and give you the best potential for earning Free Hot Water.

Key benefits of Solar Hot Water Panels

  • Cut your homes heating bills
  • Government grants available
  • Minimal maintenance required with expected solar hot water system lifetimes of 30+ years
  • Cut your carbon footprint
  • No planning permission is needed to install solar panels
  • Solar panels increase the value of your property

Are grants available for Solar Hot Water Systems?

Yes, get in touch to find out more.