PV Solar Panels

PV (Photovoltaic) panels convert sunlight into electrical energy and produce free electrical generation from the sun.

A PV system emits no CO2 and has no moving parts and can be used in your home and office. Surplus power can be exported to the grid at 42p per KW. You are likely to currently pay around 16p per KW to your electrical provider and this cost is rising sharply.

The panels work and generate electrical power irrespective of whether it is cloudy or raining.

Another benefit is that when you’re not at home or at work, any generated power will feed straight into the grid and you are effectively being paid for all the sunlight hours your PV system is working.

It is adaptable and can be fixed to all types of roof and roofing materials. We use satellite technology to assess the design of your foot and custom build to ensure we maximise your potential for free electricity.

We can normally give you a quotation without the need for a site visit so please get in touch with us.