Renewable Technology

We believe in many cases the greener option, although initially priced at a premium, in addition to being more socially responsible can be both cost effective and more efficient.

Being fully qualified and registered with the MCS Micro generation Certification Scheme means we can install all ranges of Solar, heat pumps and P.V (Photovoltaic) Panels and Electrical Generation Systems.

The latest government scheme allows for you to be paid for the energy you use as long as it is installed by MCS registered companies. The amount of money you can claim is only limited by the size and type of system you have chosen. We can install all types of solar and heat pump systems or a combination of them all and we will tailor the systems to suit the needs of you and your home. Best of all, we have the added advantage of being able to sign off all works to enable our customers to claim any grants, funding or payback schemes that are available at the time of installation.

To take advantage of the latest government grants, contact us today.